December 13, 2020 - 11.00 h. | Small Hall | Tribute to Lemkes & Vos

Joseph Puglia and Emmy Storms, two top violinists, give a historical concert with work for violin duo and accompaniment, composed in the meantone tuning and the 31-tone tuning. With this they apply a tribute to the famous Dutch violin duo Bouw Lemkes (1924-2016) and Jeanne Vos († 2000). Yet there are not only violin duos on the program. At the request of Joseph Puglia a reprise of the monumental 'Synaesthesia Suite' by Kate Moore, which was specially composed for him in 2014, will sound too.You can order online tickets at the Muziekgebouw. Read more here.
Januari 17, 2021 - 11.00 h. | Small Hall | The contemporaries of Badings

Award-winning organ player Laurens de Man is back in the Small Hall of the Muziekgebouw as the second organist of the Fokker organ. This time the contemporaries of Henk Badings are central. In addition to a work for the 31-tone organ by Badings himself, a composer who composed a relatively large number of works in 31-tone temperament, the program includes organ and piano works by several Dutch composers, which are all performed in meantone temperament. This fact alone makes the concert special. Tickets can be ordered online (or by phone). Read more here.

Call for scores!
The Huygens-Fokker Foundation is seeking new works for Fokker organ (31-tone organ), composed for performer or for laptop, controlling the instrument through MIDI. A combination of the Fokker organ and the Carrillo-piano is also possible (check the corresponding tones here). Submitted compositions will be evaluated on playability and quality before considering a possible performance during our next Fokker organ concert series.

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