Sunday Sept. 28, 2014 - 11.00 hours| Guus Janssen & Melle Weijters |

The point of focus during the concert 'MicroBlues' is improvised music within the meantone, 31 and 41-tone tuning system. Guus Janssen (Fokker-organ) and Melle Weijters (guitar) jointly explore what kind of new opportunities these systems offers for improvised music, especially the blues. The varied styles of improvisation and themes are supported by the use of the latest computer technologies that will lead to a surprising result. Order tickets for this concert at the Muziekgebouw. Read more.
Sunday May 4, 2014 - 11.00 hours| Duo Hevans & 31-tone organ |

Duo Hevans (Henri Bok & Eleri Ann Evans) consists of an unusual combination of bass clarinet and tenor saxophone. Since its founding in 2005, a lot of new work has been written for this particular duo. Especially for this concert with the 31-tone Fokker organ, René Uijlenhoet, Monty Adkins and Rose Dodd wrote new compositions. Bass clarinetist Henri Bok will perform one of his own works together with the organ. Order tickets for this concert at the Muziekgebouw. Read more about this concert.

In memoriam Sjoerd Jan Brunia
On May 28 Sjoerd Brunia suddenly deceased. In the early 90s Sjoerd was interim director of the Huygens-Fokker Foundation. Under his guidance articles about microtonality were published and concerts were organised. As a regular visitor of the Fokker organ concerts he was to the last very much involved in the activities of the foundation. We will miss him. Sjoerd was 67 years.
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Sunday March 9, 2014 - 11.00 hours| 4 hands, 4 feet  |  Muziekgebouw

In this four-handed concert, the regular Fokker organist Ere Lievonen is joined by Susanne Kujala, a German-Finnish organist specialised in contemporary organ music. Together they will perform new works written for them by Joachim Schneider and Sebastian Dumitrescu (from Germany and Finland, respectively), and two older works for two organists at the Fokker organ, by Daniel Caux and Anton de Beer. In addition, each will also perform on the Fokker organ solo. You can order tickets for this concert at the Muziekgebouw.

Renovation Fokker-organ

The Fokker organ needed a orgelrestoration badly. It had to be reassembled, renovated and rebuilt into a modern organ. Requests haven been sent to various funds. The Huygens-Fokker Foundation needed these financial aids, because otherwise this unique 31-tone organ would be in danger of being lost. The plan was to place the Fokker organ definitively above the glass wall of orgelthe BAM Zaal in the Muziekgebouw aan ’t IJ in Amsterdam. A better location could not have been wished for. In this room one will be able to enjoy, through concerts and educational projects, music specially composed for the instrument and the unique musical heritage that Christiaan Huygens (proponent of the 31-tone system) has initiated in the Netherlands. Read more