Vokalprojekt 31

An unique vocal ensemble

Vokalprojekt 31 is a groundbreaking ensemble of four to five vocalists, which brings 31-tone music of the Renaissance, Early Baroque and the present time. The ensemble will be accompanied by the unique Fokker organ, a 31-tone organ. Together they will perform music in the meantone tuning and the 31-tone temperament in a fascinating way. The purpose of the ensemble is to draw attention to the special possibilities of the 31-tone system and the meantone tuning in old music and new music.

Vokalprojekt 31 on April 23, 2017 in the Small Hall of the Muziekgebouw in Amsterdam

At the request of Berlin-based conductor/composer Fabio Costa, the Huygens-Fokker Foundation formed Vokalprojekt 31 in 2015, especially for the microtonal festival MicroFest Amsterdam. Fabio Costa about this project: "I am convinced that 31-EDO will gain ever more space, once it is better understood - and heard! It is very exciting to explore this fascinating new territory, with a new tonal, harmonic language right in the 21st century. And I believe the Huygens-Fokker Foundation has a great oportunity and a leading role in agglutinating in Amsterdam what is going on in this field worldwide."

On the repertoire of this vocal project, there are works from the Rennaissance by Nicola Vicentino, Cipriano De Rore, Carlo Gesualdo, Luca Marenzio and contemporary composers like Fabio Costa, Sander Germanus, Andreas Arend and Bill Coates.


Vokalprojekt 31:

Valeria Mignaco, soprano

Alfrun Schmid, mezzo-soprano

Antje Lohse, alto

Daan Verlaan, tenor

Erks Jan Dekker, baritone

m.m.v. Ere Lievonen, 31-tone organ

(artistic leader: Sander Germanus)


Vokalprojekt 31 on November 2015: Ere Lievonen (organ), Valeria Mignaco (soprano), Alfrun Schmid (alto)
and former singers Edward Leach (tenor) Arnout Lems (baritone)