Archive and music library

The archive and music library of the Foundation encompasses: archive of the board (minutes, reports, bulletins, etc.), financial archive, correspondence, photographic material, scores of microtonal music, recordings (tapes, records, CD's) of microtonal music, books, papers and articles, documentation about people and compositions. The musical estate of Prof. Fokker forms an important part of the material. Most of our microtonal scores, for example from Henk Badings, Peter Schat and Ivan Wyschnegradsky, are in the archive (housed in the Muziekgebouw) and can be retrieved via this website in the future.

The archive and music library can be visited preferably on Tuesdays. Other days except Friday are also possible. If you wish to consult the archive, then please make an appointment by telephone. Leave name and telephone number on the answering machine and you will be called back as soon as possible.