Concert August 8, 2010 - John Schneider, microtonal guitars

Concert | August 8, 2010, 15.00 hours | Pianola Museum, Westerstraat 106, Amsterdam

John Schneider plays microtonal music

John is a American microtonal guitarist and a pioneer of refretted fingerboards, and worked with many of the great American composers whose music uses just tunings. He is the founder of the original MicroFest in the United States and wrote an important article on Just Intonation and Guitar in the Accoustic Guitar magazine in the early 90′s. This concert includes works specially written for him by Lou Harrison, Terry Riley, and Ben Johnston.

John is briefly passing though Amsterdam on his way to Berlin, and the Huygens-Fokker Foundation has made possible this rare opportunity to hear him live.

Do please come and bring all your friends!



Sunday 8th of August 2010, 15.00 uur | Entree: 10 euro

Pianola Museum | Westerstraat 106, 1015 MN Amsterdam | tel. +31206279624



John Schneider, microtonal guitars



Lou Harrison - Suite for National Steel (1952/2002)

John Schneider - Men are Men & Mountains are Mountains (In Memoriam James Tenney) (2007)

John Schneider - Tombeau for Lou Harrison (2006)

Terry Riley - Quando Cosas Malas Caen del Cielo (2003)

Ben Johnston - The Tavern (1998)




This concert is possible by the support of: Huygens-Fokker Foundation, with special thanks to
Ned McGowan and Bob Gilmore.