Microtonal concerts

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Concert - 8th of August 2010, 15.00 - Pianola Museum, Amsterdam (Westerstraat 106)

John Schneider plays microtonal music

John is a American microtonal guitarist and a pioneer of refretted fingerboards, and worked with many of the great American composers whose music uses just tunings. He is the founder of the MicroFest. This concert includes works specially written for him by Lou Harrison, Terry Riley, and Ben Johnston.


Concert - 14th of Februari 2010, 11.00 - BAM Zaal (Muziekgebouw aan 't IJ), Amsterdam

Chinese Temperaturen

Under the Chinese Opera Weekend on 13 & 14 of Februari in the Main Hall, the Huygens-Fokker Foundation will organize a concert with Chinese music on request of the Muziekgebouw. The pieces which will be played are programmed around the Bagatelle "Chinees" of Professor Adriaan Fokker.

With Ere Lievonen, Fokker-orgel / Fang Weiling, erhu                                                       >>>

Concert - 18th of Januari 2009, 19.30 - Bethaniënklooster, Amsterdam

In memoriam Horatiu Radulescu (1942-2008)

This concert is organised in memory of Horatiu Radulescu, who died last September at the age of 66. Five of the performers who were most closely associated with his music are coming to Amsterdam to play an evening of his works in Het Bethaniënklooster. The works range from Inner Time, from the early 1980s, through spectral masterpieces like Das Andere and Lux Animae, to his later sonatas for cello and for piano, including his last work, the Sixth Piano Sonata "Return to the source of light", premiered at the 2007 Transit Festival in Belgium. An evening to remember, and an opportunity to get to know some incredible music.

Pianosonate nr 6 “return to the source of light” op.110 (2007)
I. Use your own light; II. Kalotrope of the eternal

Lux Animae op.97 (1996/2000) voor twee altviolen

Inner Time op.42 (1983) voor klarinet

Exil Intérieur op.98, sonate voor cello en piano (1997)
I. Dramatic apse; II. The sacred sound β; III. Ancestral bells; iv. The origin γ

Das Andere op.49 (1983) voor altviool

Pianosonate nr 3 “You will endure forever” op.86 (1992-99)
I. If you stay in the center; II. And embrace death with your whole heart; III. Doina;
IV. Dance of the eternal; V. You will endure forever

Roger Heaton, clarinet; Ian Pace, piano; Catherine Radulescu, cello;
Vincent Royer, viola; Elisabeth Smalt, viola

This concert is a collaboration between Trio Scordatura and the Huygens-Fokker Foundation.

Het Bethaniënklooster, Barndesteeg 6b, 1012 BV Amsterdam, Tel. +31 (0)20 625 00 78
E: info@bethanienklooster.nl , www.bethanienklooster.nl
18 January 2009, 19.30 hours - Admission €15,-