Bouw Lemkes and Jeanne Vos

Bouw Lemkes and Jeanne Vos were a violin duo since 1959 who, stimulated by their interest in physics, developed a sophisticated approach to tuning principles that attracted much national and international attention. Impressive performances of Henk Badings' first sonata for two violins aroused both the interest of the composer and professor Fokker as of the radio and the international concert circles. This led to a long lasting cooperation between the pair, Badings, and Fokker which can be called historical. Henk Badings wrote no less than five sonatas for two violins and a concerto for two violins and orchestra which are all, except "Sonate 1", composed in the 31-tone system and dedicated to the couple. In the seventies the sonatas 1 to 4 were recorded for a meanwhile vanished German record label. With the label, the original tapes with these musically edifying recordings were also regrettably lost.
Also by Hans Kox a work, the "Serenade" (1968) for two violins in the 31-tone system, was dedicated to them.

Bouw Lemkes lived from 1924 to 2016 and Jeanne Lemkes-Vos from 1926 to 2000.

photo of Jeanne Vos and Bouw Lemkes



They play Badings' Sonata no.3 for 2 violins on the CD 50 jaar Stichting Huygens-Fokker.