March 27, 2022 | Laurens de Man (organ), Maarten Engeltjes and Tai Murray

Concert Fokker organ | 2022-03-27, 11.00 hours | Small Hall - Muziekgebouw aan 't IJ, Amsterdam

My Heart's in the Highlands

In this concert, the great organ talent Laurens de Man highlights a rather unknown side of Arvo Pärt. In Pärt's oeuvre, the organ mainly serves as an accompaniment instrument for vocal music, but in the 1980s he also composed a series of works for organ solo. Laurens de Man (1993), who has been the main organist of the Janskerk in Utrecht since 2012, excels in works such as Trivium and Annum per annum. And then De Man also gets company from two special guests.
Countertenor Maarten Engeltjes, soulmate of the Muziekgebouw this season, comes to sing the beautiful song My Heart's in the Highlands. Pärt adapted the original from the Scottish poet Robert Burns from 1789 into an inspiring song for countertenor and organ. The stunningly beautiful Spiegel im Spiegel sounds in an arrangement for violin and organ, in which De Man plays together with violinist Tai Murray, who also performs the work the night before together with Ralph van Raat in the original version. De Man plays the special Fokker organ in the Small Hall (Kleine Zaal), which has a 31-tone tuning that makes it possible to play in an almost pure tuning.

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Sunday 27 March 2022, 11.00 hours | Small Hall, Muziekgebouw aan 't IJ
Prices: € 13,50 Normal | € 11,00 Stadspas | € 11,00 CJP |
NB. This concert has been moved to March 27, 2022.




Laurens de Man, Fokker organ

Maarten Engeltjes, countertenor

Tai Murray, violin




Arvo Pärt – Mein Weg hat Gipfel und Wellentäler

Arvo Pärt – My Heart’s in the Highlands

Arvo Pärt – Trivium

Arvo Pärt – Pari intervallo (version for organ)

Arvo Pärt – Für Alina

Arvo Pärt – Annum per annum

Arvo Pärt – Spiegel im Spiegel voor viool en piano




This concert is made possible by the support of: Amsterdams Fonds voor de KunstZabawas and Gemeente Amsterdam (district East).

Also the Prins Bernhard Cultuurfonds (renovation Fokker organ), the SNS REAAL Fonds (renovation Fokker organ) and the Muziekgebouw aan 't IJ. Show our sponsors