May 13, 2018  |  Ere Lievonen, Fokker organ and Anne Veinberg, Carrillo-piano

Concert Fokker organ | 2018-05-13, 11.00 hours | Small Hall - Muziekgebouw aan 't IJ, Amsterdam

Laboratonium 3

This season the Huygens-Fokker Foundation is again organizing a concert full of new compositions and experiments for 31-tone organ, 96-tone piano, laptop & electronics. The sound of the Fokker organ, in particular, is extended through the most modern electronic techniques. The program includes a new work by the Dutch-American composer Ned McGowan, in which the music is based on an out of tune street organ from Mexico. The idea for this composition is explained by the composer himself with sound and video. In addition, trumpet player Hans Leeuw will play harmonized melodies on his electrumpet, accompanied by sounds on the 31-tone organ. In addition, a work by the South African composer Michael Blake, specially written for the Fokker organ, clearly shows post-minimalist and African sounds with ingenious beats in the low basses of the organ. The duo Off<>zz will also return in the Small Hall, where this time Anne Veinberg will play the 96-tone Carrillo piano and Felipe Noriega will again provide the music (through live coding) with electronic sounds. Also on the program, a new impro-composition by guitarist Melle Weijters, who will play impressive chords (described by Adriaan Fokker) on the 31-tone organ with his MIDI guitar. Fokker organ player Ere Lievonen will play two short works by both the American composer John L. Baker and the Finnish composer Juhani T. Vesikkala, that have not yet been premiered. In short, a colourful morning full of experiments and surprises during this third laboratonium!

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Sunday 13 May 2018, 11.00 hours | Small Hall, Muziekgebouw aan 't IJ
Prices: € 12,50 Normal | € 10,00 Stadspas | € 10,00 CJP |



Ere Lievonen, Fokker-orgel

Hans Leeuw, electrumpet

Melle Weijters, MIDI-gitaar

Off<>zz: Anne Veinberg, Carrillo-piano / Felipe Ignacio Noriega, live coding

Ned McGowan en Michael Blake, laptop




Melle Weijters - No Strings Attached (2017, revision 2018)

Ned McGowan - Organillero (2018) premiere *)

Hans Leeuw - Swarm (2018) premiere

Juhani T. Vesikkala - náníshkad (2013-14) premiere

John L. Baker - Symmetrical Design No. 6c (2017) premiere

Off<>zz - Carrilloffzz (2018) premiere

Michael Blake - Symphony No 2 ("Tshikona", 2018) premiere

*) Dit werk is tot stand gekomen met financiële ondersteuning van het Fonds Podiumkunsten

About 'Symmetrical Design No. 6c' by John L. Baker

Symmetrical Design No. 6c has eight main sections distinguished by character, register, and dynamics. These alternate with twelve-note “promenades” sharing pitches with both neighbouring sections. The main sections’ relations to one another express a particular abstract mathematical symmetry, realized in a purely mathematical context as a group of eight exotic number-like entities called quaternions.

John L. Baker writes mildly experimental music, mostly in small forms loosely based on classical models. Much of his music is organized around four-member pitch-class sets (tetrachords) characterized by pitch-symmetry. An example in the 31-tone context is {D#, F+, G+, Bb}, comprising two 7-step intervals around a 5-step one; this occurs in “Symmetrical Design No. 6c”.



This concert is made possible by the support of:  Prins Bernhard CultuurfondsAmsterdams Fonds voor de Kunst, Olga Heldring FoundationGemeente Amsterdam (district East) and Stichting Fonds voor de Geld- en Effectenhandel.

Also the Prins Bernhard Cultuurfonds (renovation Fokker organ), the SNS REAAL Fonds (renovation Fokker organ) and the Muziekgebouw aan 't IJ. Show our sponsors