Johnny Reinhard

Johnny Reinhard (1956), bassoonist, recorder player, vocalist, composer, director and teacher, is director of the very active American Festival of Microtonal Music which he initiated in 1981 in New York. His compositions are performed worldwide, and he has produced numerous exclusively microtonal concerts. All his works, like Dune, Raven, Atlantis, Cosmic Rays, Neo, Adam and Eve and Middle Earth (for symphony orchestra) are "polymicrotonal".
He was co-editor of a microtonal issue of "Ear Magazine" in 1981-1982. He has published "PITCH for the International Microtonalist" himself.
In June 1996 Johnny Reinhard conducted his realisation of Charles Ives' Universe Symphony. In the same year he conducted Ensemble 2e2m in a performance of Reinhard's elaboration of Varèse's Graphs and Time in the Centre Pompidou in Paris. Other compositions where microtonality let to a special performance were Terry Riley's In C (in just intonation), Harry Partch's December 1942, Percy Grainger's Free Music and La Monte Young's Vision. In 1997 Reinhard was guest conductor of the first International Theremin Festival in Portland, Maine. The last eight years Johnny Reinhard presents a popular radio programme at WCKR Radio New York entitled Microtonal Bach. Furthermore he is employed as teacher of composition and theory at the University of Long Island and teacher of bassoon at the University of New York. The American Festival of Microtonal Music organises yearly microtonal festivals under the names Microthon and Microfest. In 2002 it has produced a series of 20 microtonal CDs.

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