Joop van Goozen

Joop van Goozen (1960) studied harpsichord with Kees Rosenhart and Ton Koopman, and organ with Bernard Bartelink and Jacques van Ootmerssen at the Sweelinck Conservatory in Amsterdam. These studies he completed in 1987 (DM: Teaching Musician) en 1988 (UM: Performing Musician) respectively. Besides this he gained in-depth knowledge of contemporary organ repertoire under guidance of Klaas Hoek. He won prizes at organ competitions in Nijmegen (1986) and Roeselaren (Belgium) (1989). He premiered works of various composers like Jos Zwaanenburg, Wim de Ruiter, Alexandre Hrisanide and Guus Janssen.
Van Goozen's broad knowledge of both old and new music and his reputation as performer have lead to the appeal of the Foundation Huygens-Fokker to become main player of the Fokker-organ in Teyler's Museum. This he has done for years with great regularity and dedication, until the organ had to be removed in 2000 from the museum. Since then he completed a conservatory study conducting, and is now working as a conductor.

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