December 12, 2021 | Laurens de Man, Fokker organ

Concert Fokker organ | 2021-12-12, 11.00 hours | Small Hall - Muziekgebouw aan 't IJ, Amsterdam

The contemporaries of Badings

Award-winning organ player Laurens de Man is back in the Small Hall of the Muziekgebouw as the second organist of the Fokker organ. This time the contemporaries of Henk Badings are central. In addition to a work for the 31-tone organ by Badings himself, a composer who composed a relatively large number of works in 31-tone temperament, the program includes organ and piano works by Dutch composers such as Willem Pijper, Hendrik Andriessen, Peter Schat, Jan Koetsier and Rudolf Escher, which are all performed in meantone temperament. How do the works of these composers, who composed music at a time when the first permanent repertoire of the Fokker organ was written, actually sound?
During this concert, multiple prize winner Laurens de Man sketches a picture of the stylistic differences and similarities between the composers who were musically active around mid 20th century. Of course, most of these compositions are for the conventional twelve notes of the keyboard. However, this Sunday morning all music will be performed in meantone tuning, a tuning that was common in the Renaissance. This fact alone makes the concert special. In addition to works for solo organ, Laurens de Man is accompanied on a few pieces by the excellent oboist Inge Ariesen.

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Sunday December 12, 2021 (previously January 17, 2021), 11.00 hours
Small Hall, Muziekgebouw aan 't IJ
Prices: € 14,50 Normal | € 11,50 Stadspas | € 11,50 CJP |




Laurens de Man, Fokker organ

Inge Ariesen, hobo




Henk Badings (1907-1987) - Reeks van kleine klankstukken (1954)
III. Scherzo
VI. Perpetuum Mobile

Willem Pijper (1894-1947) - Sonata (1930)

Jan van Dijk (1918-2016) - Preludio e fuga per oboe e organo trentunisono (1959)

Cor Kee (1900-1997) - Refreinistische Ostinato’s (1972)

Bernard van den Sigtenhorst-Meyer (1888-1953) - Drie landelijke miniaturen (1946, 2nd series),
for oboe solo
III. Adagio

Rudolf Escher (1912-1980) - Arcana: III. Ciaconna (1944)

Jan Koetsier (1911-2006) - Partita voor althobo en orgel (1954)
II. Larghetto
III. Vivace
V. Andante sostenuto

Hendrik Andriessen (1892-1981) - Variaties op een thema van Haydn, for English horn and piano (1968)

Peter Schat (1935-2003) - Collages (1962)
III. Clusters

Henk Badings (1907-1987) - Arcadia III (1945, arr.)
III. Basso ostinato
IX. Siciliano
II. Arietta
X. Galoppo


This concert is made possible by the support of: Amsterdams Fonds voor de Kunst and Gemeente Amsterdam (district East).

Also the Prins Bernhard Cultuurfonds (renovation Fokker organ), the SNS REAAL Fonds (renovation Fokker organ) and the Muziekgebouw aan 't IJ. Show our sponsors