October 4, 2020 | Anne Veinberg, Fokker organ

Concert Fokker organ | 2020-10-04, 11.00 hours | Small Hall - Muziekgebouw aan 't IJ, Amsterdam

Anne Veinberg in the lead

Anne Veinberg (1986) is known in the concerthall Muziekgebouw as the pianist of Ensemble SCALA. She is a prize-winning pianist with guts who does not shy away from the theatrical side of music. To open the 2020-2021 season, Veinberg will give a concert on the Fokker organ, the Carrillo piano and a conventional grand piano. She will also make music with the Mexican composer / laptop artist Felipe Ignacio Noriega. The program includes works by Felipe Ignacio Noriega, Christopher Trapani, Anthony Leigh Dunstan, improvisations by Anne Veinberg herself and more. An experience not to be missed!

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Sunday 4 October 2020, 11.00 hours | Small Hall, Muziekgebouw aan 't IJ
Prices: € 14,50 Normal | € 11,50 Stadspas | € 11,50 CJP
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Anne Veinberg, Fokker organ

Felipe Ignacio Noriega, laptop





Felipe Ignacio Noriega / Anne Veinberg - The FoCker orCKan   premiere
(CodeKlavier on piano 'live coding' the Fokker organ)

Christopher Trapani - Lost Time Triptych (2016) piano scordatura, NL premiere
       I) Time is a Jet Plane
       II) Time is Piling up
       III) Time is Beginning to Crawl

Anne Veinberg / Sebestian Pappalardo / Constantijn Huygens - CirCKlavier   premiere
(CodeKlavier on the Fokker organ and visuals with Hydra)

Anthony Leigh Dunstan - "as i hear it" (2011) arr. for piano/Carrillo piano by Anne Veinberg (2020)

Felipe Ignacio Noriega / Anne Veinberg - oFfzzOrgel
(improvisation for piano, Carrillo piano and Fokker organ)


NB. The development of CodeKlavier was made possible in part by the Stimuleringsfonds (NL).



Additional information

CodeKlavier meets Fokker organ
The CodeKlavier is a system with which a pianist can create digital code by playing and is designed and developed by composer Felipe Noriega and pianist Anne Veinberg. In 2017 the Creatives Industries Fund awarded the project a subsidy towards a two-year development trajectory. The project won first prize at the Conlon: Uncaged Toy Piano Composition Competition in Utrecht in 2017 and has been invited for performances in festivals including Gaudeamus Utrecht, Huygens Voorburg, Nacht van Kunst en Kennis Leiden, InSonora Madrid and DA-Z Zurich. Furthermore, there have been performances in New York, Morelia, Amsterdam, Berlin, Krakow and Daegu.
In light of the Fokker organ's MIDI possibilities, for this concert, the CodeKlavier will be used in two facets. The opening work will show Anne Veinberg live coding the Fokker organ from her playing at the piano. The second work will show Anne playing on the Fokker organ whilst live coding abstract visuals on the Hydra platform.

Christopher Trapani 'Lost Time Triptych'
Lost Time Triptych is composed in homage to, and borrows its scordatura schema from, Gérard Grisey’s Vortex Temporum. Grisey’s notion of three subjective laters of time — contracted, “real,” and dilated — are reflected in the proportions of the three movements (each of which bears a subtitle borrowed from Bob Dylan). The first blazes by in thirty dense and rhythmically volatile seconds, while the second, lasting about two minutes, stretches out into lines and imitative layers. The third movement, longer than the first two together, shifts the focus to resonance, chords with long durations but rich interior shadings. (text by Christopher Trapani)

Anthony Leigh Dunstan 'as i hear it', microtonally arranged by Anne Veinberg
as i hear it is a theatrical performance art piece, inspired by the musicianship, character, and personality of the pianist Anne Veinberg. The piece combines musical phrase and gesture with a visible and highly interactive dramatic element. The performer reacts and interacts with both their instrument and audience in humourously disturbing ways presenting a type of music theatre contained within a single melodic phrase. (text Anthony Leigh Dunstan)

Off<>zz is a laptop and piano/toypiano/fokker organ duo exploring electro-acoustic music via improvisation, live coding, and transformation of our classical-music influences into a more collective experience. Felipe and Anne have been collaborating for several years, from more conventional contemporary music works, to their more recent improvisatory duo Off<>zz and are unique in their use of keyboard instruments and live-coding music making. Off<>zz are no strangers to the series with previous performances "Fokk My Off<>zz" and "Carrilloffzz" in previous seasons.



This concert is made possible by the support of: Amsterdams Fonds voor de Kunst and Gemeente Amsterdam (district East).

Also the Prins Bernhard Cultuurfonds (renovation Fokker organ), the SNS REAAL Fonds (renovation Fokker organ) and the Muziekgebouw aan 't IJ. Show our sponsors