September 30, 2018  |  Anne Veinberg, Ere Lievonen, Birgit Gunzl and more

Concert Fokker organ | 2018-09-30, 11.00 hours | Small Hall - Muziekgebouw aan 't IJ, Amsterdam

Dans, Dans, Dans!

The new season of Fokker organ concerts will kick off with a program that focuses on dance. Three dancers, namely Birgit Gunzl, Maria Mavridou and Raoul Freitas Vale Germano, will perform choreographies and dance improvisations on music played by organist Ere Lievonen on the organ of the Muziekgebouw. For this occasion the glass wall of the Small Hall opens up completely, so the dancers are free to move both inside and outside the hall and to dance in full daylight of the entire third foyer deck. The works that are on the program connect in a special way to the theme of 'dancing'. For example, three works by Dutch composers, who were all connected to a dance academy (as musical accompanist) in their younger years, will be performed. The best known composer among them is Martijn Padding. His 'Cow Music' (originally for harmonium) is an ode to the beautiful animal the cow and the Dutch green landscape that is slowly disappearing. In the parts 'Padding's country dance no.1 & 2' he also refers to dance. The work 'Serpentine' for the Fokker organ, that composer Christina Oorebeek composed in 2010, is already a dance in itself, since it is a kind of organ pedal concert in which the organist goes over the pedals with his feet and is accompanied by a laptop that controls the manuals of the Fokker organ. With the title 'Pas de Deux' composer Martin Lo-A-Njoe unequivocally refers to his musical background in a minimal music kind of work that is especially composed for the Fokker organ and the Carrillo-piano. This 96-tone piano will again be played by the experienced pianist Anne Veinberg. Accompanied by a dancer, she will also improvise on this striking instrument in a fascinating way. All this is supplemented with 'Souvenir' for organ by the famous American composer John Cage, who has worked a lot with dancers in his life, including the pioneer of modern dance, Merce Cunningham. So in a way, this concert of movement can also be seen as a dance performance!

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Sunday 30 September 2018, 11.00 hours | Small Hall, Muziekgebouw aan 't IJ
Prices: € 13,50 Normal | € 11,00 Stadspas | € 11,00 CJP |




Anne Veinberg, Carrillo piano & Fokker organ

Ere Lievonen, Fokker organ & Carrillo piano

Birgit Gunzl, Maria Mavridou & Raoul Freitas Vale Germano, dance




Martijn Padding (1956) – Cow Music (2004)

Christina Oorebeek (1944) – Serpentine (2010)

Martin Lo-A-Njoe (1969) – Pas de Deux (2011)

Anne Veinberg - Improvisation

John Cage (1912-1992) - Souvenir (1983)



This concert is made possible by the support of: Prins Bernhard CultuurfondsAmsterdams Fonds voor de Kunst and Gemeente Amsterdam (district East).

Also the Prins Bernhard Cultuurfonds (renovation Fokker organ), the SNS REAAL Fonds (renovation Fokker organ) and the Muziekgebouw aan 't IJ. Show our sponsors