March 9, 2013 | Ensemble SCALA  (the Fokker-keyboard included)

Concert Ensemble SCALA | 2013-03-09, 14.30 hours | Korzo theater (Studio), Den Haag (The Hague)

Ensemble SCALA in Korzo

This edition of Dag in de Branding (Festival for new music) devotes special attention to the work of composer Peter Adriaansz. Ensemble SCALA (which includes the Fokker-keyboard) provides the first concert of the day and brings his latest work premiered, entitled Scala I. The simple but intriguing and shiny work of Adriaansz is specially composed for the ensemble, tuned in the 31-tone system. Remarkable is its intelligent use of harmonics. Also on the program works by Nicola Vicentino, Ned McGowan and Steffen Krebber. Tickets can be ordered at the Korzo Theatre in The Hague (Prince Street 42).

Unorthodox composer Peter Adriaansz doesn't shy away from experimentation and is always curious about new forms of sounds. He calls his work "audible mathematics". During Dag in de Branding, Korzo presents a concert portrait featuring composer Adriaansz. Microtonal influences are unmistakably present in his more recent works. It's no accident that the Scala Ensemble, specialized in microtonal music will perform the premiere of his Scala I. A number of compositions from his famous vibrating cycle Waves will be performed in a concert given by Ensemble Klang. A special afternoon of music that honours the versatility of this composer.  >>>



Ensemble SCALA

Raymond Honing, flute

Michel Marang, clarinet

Manuel Visser, viola

Stefan Gerritsen, 31-tone guitar

Anne Veinberg, keyboards

Ere Lievonen, Fokker organ

Glenn Liebaut, percussion



Peter Adriaansz: Scala I (2012) premiere

Nicola Vicentino: Musica prisca caput (1555)

Ned McGowan: Solar Neon (2010)

Steffen Krebber: Zerscheinen (2010)



Photos of the concert  (Dag in de Branding - photos by Danijel Mihajlovic)


Support midification study keyboard Fokker-orgel

The study-keyboard of Pels, built in 1963 and belonging to the Fokker-organ, could be restaurated and midificated because of a small contribution by the Olga Heldring Foundation (Fundatie Van den Santheuvel, Sobbe). This modernisation of the 'mute' study-keyboard was of great importance, because of the the fact that the organplayer can practise (with sound!) on this copy of the 31-tone keyboard on any location he wants, whereby the Huygens-Fokker Foundation will be less dependent of the availability of the Small Hall of the Muziekgebouw, where the original 31-tone keyboard has its place.